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Thread: Shooting lessons?

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    Default Shooting lessons?

    My daughter asked me the other day to teach her to shoot. My response was, I would when it gets warmer and that I will try and find her an instructor. She then asked “why don’t you take shooting lessons”. This has me thinking!

    Every summer I take a golf lesson to remind my body on how to swing a club, I also take a lesson on how to shoot my bow. I make her take lessons on how to play an oboe, to shot a bow, and this summer to shoot a rifle. So back to her question, why haven’t I taken a lesson on shooting my rifle?

    I have never taken a lesson on how to shoot, other than from my father some 30+ years ago. I find myself only shooting my rifle before season and it would only makes sense that I might not know everything there is about sighting-in or shooting a rifle.

    So does anyone offers lessons on shooting?

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    Thumbs up Shooting Lessons

    Man there are folks out there who teach lessons for a lot cheaper than that!! I took a self-defense class last year for around $100 and I got a great book, got to handle about 50 different pistols, one-on-one training at the range, many great techniques. In the fall I go to a sportsmans club and the guys there watch my every move from stance to breathing to trigger pull. I don't leave until I have at least 3 bullet holes touch each other (shooting off sand bags). I had a great rifle-shooting instructor when I was very young (earned my Pro-marksman when I was 10) and I can almost always get back into my habits after refreshing my own mind. With all of that being said, shooting is like anything, gotta practice and practice perfect year around if possible.

    BTW - I found the guy that helped me out last summer by conacting the NRA. They have many trained professionals.

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    Default Train the fundamentals

    To me this is the most important thing to do first is train students in the marksmanship fundamentals. Once you learn the fundamentals of shooting everything else is easy.

    First thing is find which eye is dominate for the shooter. A righthanded person doesnt mean they are right eye dominate. You do this by placing both hands in front of your face and making a triangle with your thumb and index finger from your left hand and your right hand. extend your arms all the way out and look at something in the distance through the triangle. then close one eye while looking, does the object move or does the object stay centered in your triangle. If it stays centered in the triangle then which ever eye was open is the dominate eye. Go head and try the other eye, the object won't be in the triangle.

    Natural point of aim is a big one also. Get down in a prone position. Pick up your rifle and aim at your target. Now close your eyes and move your body alittle bit,(shake) now open your eyes and look through your scope or iron sights, Is it on target? It should be if you have a good natural point of aim. Natural point of aim is when your body is relaxed and you are not using any muscle to hold the rifle on target. So when you pull the trigger and the rifle goes off you can look through the scope and you are real close to being on target still. If you are way to the left or right you need to adjust your natural point of aim. This will help on follow up shots, must faster recovery time, and target acquistion. When getting your natural point of aim use your body to get into this position. Move your legs one way or the other till you can shake with your eyes closed and stay on target when you reopen your eyes.

    Take several deep breaths and let them out slowly. Take one last deep breath and let it part way. Squeeze the trigger till the rifle fires. DO NOT HOLD OVER 7 SECONDS. Oxygen depuration starts setting in at this time and the first thing to go is your eyes. So you need to get your shots off before this 7 second time frame.

    Trigger pull
    I like to use my index finger for this. I place my index finger on the trigger and slowly pull the trigger straight to the rear. It should be a suprise when the rifle goes off. Never take the rifle off safety till you are ready to pull the trigger.

    Follow Thru
    When the rifle goes off you ride the rifle back and back to the position back on the ground. Keep the trigger held back to the rear, reacquire your target and release your trigger, work the bolt and you are ready to fire again. If you have a semi auto release the trigger slowly and you will feel the sear reengage, quit releasing your trigger at this time. It is ready to fire again. This way you do not have to take up the slack in the trigger every time. This is very hard to teach someone, They just like to release the trigger when the rifle goes off. But just like everything else we do follow thru is very important and this is part of it.

    Here is a website to show these positions.
    Remember you must incorporate natural point of aim with this.

    Once you learn the fundamentals of good marksmanship shooting will come easier.

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    Great website! Gunsite looked a bit expensive for shooting lessons!


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    i got lessons when i joined the army nat'l guard. get a new lesson every month to couple of months. deployment gave me more practice.

    want to join?


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