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Thread: Red shirt lake trip cancelled

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    Default Red shirt lake trip cancelled

    So after 6 months of planning a trip to red shirt lake to stay in cabin #3 DNR calls me today and cancels it. They said that it was because the out house is unusable. Complete load of crap!! Literally!! (dont know why it takes a month to fix)Anyways they try to work with me and have suggested that i now portage to Lynx lake. So Ive been in a canoe before and so has my wife but the dogs are new to it. So I ask the multitude of people who have always steered me in the right direction on this forum, Should I attempt the portage? What fish is in lynx lake? And I would take any tips to make this trip as fun as possible for my wife!

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    I just made the loop. I'm not a fan of Lynx Lake. Too many "cabins"; just doesn't give me that wild feeling. I did find the cabin on James Lake. Sits above the lake a bit. Wonderful view. I don't know about the fishing.

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    I did just fine through the ice a couple of years ago (Pike). The Lynx Lake cabin I stayed in though was kind of a dump compared to the Forest Service cabins I've stayed in. I'll second what LeonardC said about the James Lake cabin though....


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