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Thread: Need preliminary club trip info

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    Default Need preliminary club trip info

    Hi, i am with a club in NH and i am doing research on a club trip next year and looking for the following info,

    time of year to make the trip (march ) ??
    riding areas, where to go.?
    type of riding to expect.?
    renting sleds , trailers, lodging in riding areas.?
    or maybe it would be less headach to just take a tour package that includes everything.??
    are there guides available to take groups out.?

    checking to see what is available

    thanks, hope to see you in 08

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    Contact Chris Maynard at Alaska Snow Safaris for sled rentals and/or package info and contact the Anchorage Snowmobile Club for info on riding areas

    March is generally a great month to ride but probably colder(and drier) than you're used to back east. Another key difference: while the backcountry riding is literally World Class, we have very limited trail riding. The bulk of the trails that do exist are maintained, out of pocket, by lodge operators. Speaking of lodges we have some really great riding destinations, both road accessible and sled-only access.


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