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Thread: Black Diamond Lighthouse or Marmot Alpinist

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    Default Black Diamond Lighthouse or Marmot Alpinist

    I am wondering if anyone has experience with either of these tents. If so would you mind sharing?

    I have gleaned about as much info on teh net as I am able to get, so any first hand experience would be helpful.

    My goals: I am looking for a tent to carry, that is less than 5lbs, for light backpacking, cross country skiing, and some backcountry hunting. Typically not too high up in the mountains, but above the timberline in most cases.

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    Default Black Diamond

    I recently got the Black Diamond Guiding light. Amazing tent. 4 person tent and it weighs half what most would weigh. Packs very, very, small. I cant believe how much room it frees up in the backpack. I would recommend this tent to anyone. You do have to seam seal it yourself. But it only takes an hour or so. Very small, very light, and very high quality construction.


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