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Thread: Be safe on the salt this summer!

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    Default Be safe on the salt this summer!

    I was just reading an article about PFD's I dont always wear one on small freshwater lakes with warm water. The ocean and rivers with current are a whole new ball game. WEAR YOUR PFD!!!!
    Off shore i wear my inflateable. I dont even notice i have it on but if i need it i dont have to look for it. I had it on once Halibut fishing in Cook Inlet and a guy asked me if i was expecting to wind up in the water. My response was Hell no. if i was expecting to wind up in the water i would be wearing a survival suit. If i knew what day i was going to get in serious trouble i would not go fishing that day. Stay alive!

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    I rescued a guy and gal with their dog yesterday off around pigot point. Their bayliner took on water, sunk and they all got out.. Making it to shore, 2 days they sat their burning wet wood with flares.. I don't recall seeing lifejacket, and their dingy was way too small for salt water..



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