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    My new boat lands first fish of the day on its own! I'm not familar with auto pilots, but as the guys were baiting the rods with herring I turned on the auto pilot and started us trolling on a heading, then I wanted to turn so I pushed the right arrow and the boat took a hard right and didnt correct when I pushed the left arrow, I had to disengage the unit, just then a king bit! this boat catches its own fish! biggest was 55lbs, we limited out with 6 kings today.
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    OK kodiak ...Always love the pics of the hogs you get down there,but when you get a chance would love to see some pics of your new boat and some details (make,mod and power).Had one of your clients on the boat the other day and couldn`t stop talking about the great time he had down there.Got to get down there someday... FISHON!!!


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