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    does anybody have any experience with Sleeping Indian wool gear.--is it really that good, and if so, is it worth the high dollar compared to say, Filson of Woolrich? Don't mind paying for quality stuff, but don't need a Ferrari when an Olds will do just as well! thanks for opinions! bob

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    what are you trying to accomplish? I looked at that stuff and thought it was very nice but not for the $$ they wanted. I think for the cost of the jacket, you could get a full outfit of microtex, fleece, and imperitech.....which would be about the same weight as the jacket.

    very cool for traditions, but out of my reality spectrum

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    Default sleeping indian

    thanks for the thoughts--i was thinking the same, but thought i might have missed something(wife always tells me i have!!). about $500 buys a whole lot of good gear-as you said. thanks, bob!

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    you are correct. sleeping indian is basically the ferrari of wool clothes. it is the equal to or better than king of the mtn. both being substanially more expensive than filson or woolrich.

    stay warm.
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