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Thread: Bear( no pun intended) with me please

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    Default Bear( no pun intended) with me please

    Hello, bit of a newbie on here.
    My plan is to train up my gsp pup and go after birds with a 20 gauge.
    Maybe rabbits with a .22 too.
    Thing is... is there a handgun for "close" bear/wolf encounters? Or is a rifle the only way to go? I don`t want to hunt them,just protect myself if they decide to inspect me too closely.
    I would be grateful for any and all input.
    You`ll have to forgive my ignorance on this,but I`m not from around these parts.

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    If you are lookin' for a good, all-around powerful handgun then you could go w/ the S&W .44 Magnum. It's all up to you whether you go w/ a 4 or 6 inch barrel. If you want to spend a few more $$$ then shackle the S&W .500 Magnum. Of course there are those that prefer the Taurus or Ruger magnums but it all depends on your personal preference.

    If I'm headin' out durin' the warmer months I generally take my Winchester 1300 Defender loaded w/ 00 Buck & Sabot slugs just in case. More stoppin' power IMHO. Of course there are those that would suggest the Marlin 45-70 but, again, it is pretty much personal preference on the shotgun/rifle choice. Either choice is a good avenue to ensure a solid least that's what I've heard/read. I've yet to run into a bear or wolf so can't provide solid experience points on the results.

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    Default Magnums

    Like TBT said, Go with 44mag or larger is the budget allows. Shotguns and guideguns work just as well. My personal preferance is a 44mag with hard cast bullets. Shoot what feels good to you and that you can shoot well.

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    Default bears

    I don't carry a rifle or a handgun while hunting birds I just throw a couple extra buckshot and slugs in the loops but really in a charge you'll probably have to use whats in your hand at the moment and I can't imagine a couple of birdshot loads in your face at close range would be to pleasant, but as of yet I've never had any issues with bears while hunting birds so just enjoy yourself.

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    Default Pump Action?

    When I take my pump 12ga. out, I have 2 slugs as the last rounds in the magazine. I rarely fire more than 2 shots at birds in a single flush. Saves the effort in carrying a sidearm, and will save you some time. There are some very fine 20 gauge slugs out there as well. Of course, that is not legal for waterfowling.

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    pistols work great as noise makers but not much elese (sorry pistol guys had to say it) I would use a shotgun you can get a synthic stock and sawed off front and they can get pretty light. carry buck shot and slugs ( I've heard at under 10 yrds their is no diffrence between buckshot and a slug but it wasn't a reilable source). but the truth is your brain is the best protection you see a bear don't run but don't be overly aggresisve let it know your there and give it space.

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    ThunderChicken .... you are 100% correct. I knew a guy that shot a grizzly point blank with bird shot right in the forehead. The bear dropped on the spot with it's brain mashed to jello.

    I am fortunate to be able to hunt grouse in a predominantly black bear infested wood. I do take along my .40 cal for the "just in case" scenario, but mostly I consider it to be more weight to crawl around with.

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    Best to discern between making your dog a rabbit or bird dog. I forbid my GSP from going after rabbits because I've heard too many horror stories of this breed preferring to chase rather than hunt. Just passing it on. Take care


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