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    Default Frankenstein Rifle

    Pretend you are the top design engineer for a major rifle company.

    You are given an unlimited budget and control of the entire R&D dept.

    Using existing market rifles, mix and match your favorite rifle parts to create your masterpeice.

    Have no fear. Every creation is a winner and will not be second guessed.

    You are the boss. Create your Frankenstein masterpeice!!!

    I will even start it off so you can see an example.

    My 1st rifle creation will be a pure goat/sheep/caribou/mulie/whitetail rig.

    1) Left hand stainless Winchester classic action. (mauser style)

    2)Top of action contoured to accept H&K claw lock G3 scope mount.(quick scope change or go iron sights in heavy cover)

    3)Kreiger 4 groove stainless match grade 22" medium countour 1-9 twist barrel.

    4)Barrel with heavy chromed chamber and bore (for higher velocity than unchromed and to withstand AK. weather) in caliber 7x57mm Mauser.

    5)Beretta 686 Silver pidgeon style tang safety. (so sweet, positive and fast)

    6)Remington 788 style detachable magazine.(quick load change to go with quick scope change)

    7)Valmet M76 style iron sights with tritum flip up night front sight.(dark cloudy weather and night time safety)

    8)Remington 700 style HS Precision synthetic stock with aluminum bedding block, yet shaped and checkerd like an M70 featherweight.

    9)Ruger M77 skeleton stock style stainless sling mounts in 2" wide with heavy duty nylon strap.

    10) Winchester style trigger set at crisp 2 lbs. 8 ozs.

    11)Entire weapon matte bead blasted and coated in zinc oxide and camo by tru leaf.

    Hope I didn't forget really want one of these now!!!

    have fun and have at it. Maybe some exec. will stumble on this thread and create your Frankenstein.

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    Thumbs up Build It!


    I built my first custom mauser about 2 years ago after reading an article about NECG. I researched all the fancies I wanted on this rifle, made sure what I wanted in a hunter rifle was not already commercially produced (it's cheaper to buy em pre assembled) and began to buy and collect all the parts for it. Of course I changed my mind a few times and ended up with 4 barrels, 3 actions, 5 stocks, 3 different safety configurations, 3 types of triggers and alot of other accessories. The rifle I ended up with was not the origional idea and caliber, but it turned out to be real cool in the end. The final product was a commercial Mauser action with a butter knife looking bolt handle,helical fluted bolt NECG custom bolt shroud, double set triggers w/ safety, polished SS trigger guard assy, Detachable mag, heavy mag contour SS barrel w/ flutes, Hogue full pillar bedded stock, in 300 win mag. Burris Black diamond 30mm tube looking glass up top. Real sweet looking and nothing else like it - a real custom Alaska Rifle! and a tack driver to boot!
    Needless to say with my extra parts, I built two other rifles that were similar to what I started out in idea, but were modified as they began to take shape.

    The point is once you built your own rifles, pistols and double shotguns, It's YOUR DESIGN and there is no other like it. I easily own over 50 guns, but the ones I like the best are the ones I built or heavily modified.

    You can do it one piece at a time and then assemble all at once or buy everything and then put it together, either way is cool. The trick is to have all your parts together before the gunsmithing phase. You don't want to wait for a part you do not have...

    DO IT
    Building them is as much fun as shootin 'em
    God, Guns and Guts is what made America Great

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    Default First Concept

    Ultimate Survival Gun:

    A truly modern pump or lever action rifle based on the concept of merging a Marlin 1895 Guide Gun and a Remington 870 shotgun ...

    - Titanium / Stainless Steel / Space Age Synthetics construction where appropriate
    - Cal to be 500 S&W
    - 16.5" to 18.5" barrel
    - Selective porting to contain muzzle jump only (Magna-Port maybe?)
    - Ghost Ring Sites w/ Protective Wings
    - Weight ... no more than 6 lbs ...
    - Cost: <= $1500

    Ring it up ... I'll take it ...

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    Default best parts?

    Interesting exercise. First, if I were head of R&D with unlimited budget I wouldn't necessarily use other existing parts from other guns. But, would likely use a combination of both existing parts and custom made. Action- milled, bar stock receiver based on Win. 70 CRF or similar design. Stock- HS Precision type lightened up slightly and with titanium skeleton instead of aluminum. Barrel- Krieger about a medium to heavy #4 contour. Then the action would be blueprinted (not just lapped!) and the barrel/action mated using single point lathe cut method so perfect alignment maintained between action and barrel. Barrel reamed to my specs and dies made to my specs. Trigger- Win. type tuned to crisp 3.5# with minimum overtravel. Sights- express type back-up sights or rear small ghost ring attached to scope base. Scope and mounts- quality 30-40 mm max objective fixed power scope on one piece rail base with quality rings... all mounted low.

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    Default Monster Mash

    The design of an all around rifle is everyones lifelong dream. This includes firearm manufactures, their only hold-up is price9Make them too expensive and the market becomes very limited).
    I would like a Steyr Luxus grade rifle, witha magna-ported carbon fiber barrel, topped with a 3-12 Burris signature scope. Probably in 284 win or 7x57 mauser.
    " Americans will never need the 2nd Amendment, until the government tries to take it away."

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    Default anti-Bear gun

    OK. How about a rifle for following a bear into a thicket or dense woods Hunting.

    Affordable double.

    How about a stoeger coach gun size double in .50 Alaskan? .45-70 too? (let a major ammo maker adopt the .50 AK.)

    Stainless and titanium internals to prevent galling even when degreased.

    Stainless barrels and receiver.

    Everything bead blasted matte and flat black finish.

    Single selective trigger. Selective ejectors.

    Synthetic stocks and pachmayer recoil pad.

    Selective tang safety for 1st barrel fire to accomodate lefty and righty shooters.

    XS big dot tritium front sight and express rear sight.

    Just solid fancy anything.....Priced around $1,000.00 or less.

    I will take 2 please.


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    Default double ruger

    Originally I thought of a double Ruger #1 but that has to be over $1000.00 and more towards $2000.00+.

    Somehow weld 2 Ruger #1 stainless rifles together and develop a single lever for simultaneous extraction and action opening.

    Single selective trigger too. (very tough to do I think)

    The unlimited budget was for working out kinks in design and manufacturing and getting a working prototype. So the masses could get 1....I think I failed this 1 as far as an everyman kinda price for finished product.

    Ahh....yeah,this is getting too expensive for the everyday man.

    Maybe with Rugers casting company and a similar "siamese" design it could be do-able but not with existing rifles....thats why I went Stoeger double earlier.


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    Default last ditch anti bear???

    double barrel encore pistol in 45-70 ...

    probably work good for fishing too ...

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    Default Side by side

    I have a friend who has a pair of REM. 1100 shotguns welded together. One is a right hand and one is a left hand, welded together. While shooting they are impressive but heavy.
    " Americans will never need the 2nd Amendment, until the government tries to take it away."

    On the road of life..... Pot holes keep things interesting !

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    Default helmet?

    Quote Originally Posted by HMT View Post
    double barrel encore pistol in 45-70 ...

    probably work good for fishing too ...

    Will you need to wear a helmet with that in case it doubles?lol

    I guess if your fishing with it and aiming down, you might need a


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    Default ...

    I already wear a helmet ... doesnt everyone???

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    Default Why bother?

    No need, Holland & Holland already did it for me. I would just make it less than $200,000.

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    In the shooting thread you may see close to my first creations. SIngle shot T/c framed hand cannons in .376 Steyer; .416 Taylor and 35 Newton.
    I designed the forends amd three weeks ago okayed the blue prints for building my first line of cartridges. 240-358 Cooper Express. Dies are done
    and the reamers will be in hand sometime in April. Call it a Rimmed 06 case with a 40 degree shoulder and able to shoot 200gr .338's at 2700fps sfaely and without fuse. For ballistics just use the Gibbs line as a solid comparison

    4.5-5.5 pound gun on bi-pods capable of taking any animal any where without a barrel length that hangs on everything you walk under and a weight that hangs on the pack frame without much notice.



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