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Thread: Kotz caribou and wolf question

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    Default Kotz caribou and wolf question

    We are going to Kotz this September to hunt caribou and I was hoping to harvest a wolf at the same time. What are the odds of seeing wolves? Can they be called? What can any of you tell me about hunting them?

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    If you end up amongst a good number of bou, chances will be decent you'll see, or at least hear, wolves. If the bou are scarce, I suspect the wolves will be too.
    Predicting anything about wolves is pretty risky all in all.
    They can be called, sometimes to come closer with wolf howls. Good chance they will at least answer howls from other wolves, or humans sounding like wolves.
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    Default wolves

    We see wolves in the winter more often then in the fall. The wolves are a constant presents but they keep a low profile in the fall and blend in well. Now bears are easy to see and sitting a gut pile is a sure bet to see a nice hungry bear in Sept.



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