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Thread: byers lake area black bears?

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    Default byers lake area black bears?

    Heading up there for the weekend. was the wifes idea and i'm along for the ride. how is the back bear hunting in the area? can anyone sugest some areas to do some spot and stalk?

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    In my experiance of Byers lake is that if you walk in the woods you will see a bear. They are every where. Their is a trail that is on the north west side of the lake that goes back aways that has alot of tracks everytime I have been their. I have only walked to the creek so I have no experiance any farther. just be sure your outside the park so you don't get in trouble before you pull the trigger.

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    thanks man.
    where is good source of maps. what it looked like to me was the lake area was outside the park but it was a poor map. is there any kind of marking system up there?

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    It is all inside the state park. Make sure you understand the regs for where you will be. It would be a bad idea to shoot a bear from the Byers lake trail. That is my advice, ask a ranger at the campground though if you don't believe me

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    yea i was planning on getting off the betten path a ways. I did check the regs and its beyond vauge


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