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Thread: I need a gunsmith

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    Default I need a gunsmith

    I need a gunsmith, any suggestions?

    Also are there any gun shows coming up Im in the market for a few harder to find guns. Were else should I be looking?


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    Thumbs up Smith and shows

    You missed a gunshow at Palmer this past weekend. I understand the AGCA gunshow is the end of March out at the Palmer fairgrounds again.

    I really like Vince Baldauf at Precision Arms as a smith. I've had several action/trigger jobs done, he's always super quick, reasonably priced, and does excellent work. And he's a really nice person, to boot. Give him a call at 279-5755.


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    I second it for Vince. He does all my work. He is very honest and a great guy to deal with. We have a few smiths out here in the Valley but I tend to drive the extra miles when I need to trust someone to work on my guns.
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    Default Gun Auctions

    You could try these gun auctions online. You just need an FFL dealer to send them to.

    hope these help. I have bought rifles from gunbroker and auctions arms with no problems.

    Have fun looking


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