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    Will be down in Homer for Memorial weekend, and I have the bug like never before. I would greatly appreciate if anyone who has been down there fishin or checking out the scenery could post up a report of how the run is materializing. I will be putting in atleast 15 hours of effort this weekend and will let everyone know how I do

    Thanks for the reports!~

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    A couple of kings have been caught at the Fishing hole already. That was 4 days ago, then a NE wind came in and the fish held off. Today was great weather and I went down there to check it out. No fish seen moving, but I will be back in the morning to try the incoming tide.

    I am writing a fishing column for Alaska Dispatch with this week's column (published Friday) on Best Bets for the month of June. It'll have a photo from Homer, and a video of the Anchor River opening last weekend.

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    I'll be there one day this weekend. In the past the fishing has been okay during memorial weekend. Look out, slimey, I'm coming to get ya.


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