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    So i need a little help here. went out to friday creek via jacked up truck. got to the mouth of the canyon and walked in from along the creek from there. where the hell are all those bears that alot of people are talking about being in that area and where are the trails shooting up those mountains. stayed in the canyon and climbed upa rock scree and got to the top and sa nothing. going into metal creek this weekend but if anyoneknows where the trail is that goes up friday creek wouldbe great. Any info on grasshopper valley this year?

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    Well, that is a question that folks will most likely jump in and answer for you since those trails are easily found (heavily used) and therefore little objection to more traffic. One way to find routes is to consider where game trails might naturally exist and nine times out of ten, with a bit of practice ..........
    'Shooting up those mountains ...' might not exactly fit everyone's expectations of each route, on the other hand.

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    When the moose calf production gets up the bears will move into the area. Right now there is not much food for them other than grass. In the fall they come for the salmon and berries. There are more bears around there in the fall from what I have seen duck hunting.


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