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Thread: Help book my trip! Please

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    Default Help book my trip! Please

    I get free standby tickets to anywhere in alaska. I want to hunt some may ptarmigan. I was thinking kodiak, nome, or a big city like fairbainks/anchorage.
    Really I just want some opinions on some of my choices, no need to tell me your honey holes. I do hunt with two elhew pointers also.
    Thanks for all the imput on my last thread!

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    Default Is it open?

    Go to this link and click on the Small game: Season and Bag limits. You will not much is open for Birds during your time frame

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    Default your right

    i was looking at the season in my unit. I eventually would have looked but still assumed most seasons run until early may. thnks for the heads up!

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    Default hunt season...

    You may be out of luck as far as shooting ptarmigan/grouse...but if you have dogs, that does not stop you from enjoying the pursuit. I love watching the dogs work and use a starter pistol instead of shotgun. I would find out nesting times and avoid pressuring the birds then, but otherwise you can still work the dogs on the best training scenario you can create...wild birds


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