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Thread: self-watering system for raised garden beds: looking for ideas

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    Default self-watering system for raised garden beds: looking for ideas

    So here's my situation, I built a couple of raised beds this year (4'x12') but will be gone for a couple multi-day trips where I won't be able to water the garden. I'm not too interested in hooking up an automated watering system to my outdoor faucet, nor do I really want to bug the neighbor to do my watering. Anyone have any good ideas on self-watering systems. An idea I was tossing around was a 'network' of 1/2" PVC pipe that ran parallel to each planted row capped on one end and connected to a main feeder pipe on the other. Then drilling tiny tiny holes along the PVC and hooking it up to a large container of water that would gravity feed it. The big trick would be getting the hole spacing / diameter just right so the appropriate amount of water feeds out. Anyone tried something like this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Just water them good before you leave, they should be good for 2 or 3 days at least.
    Other than that, you need a timer, water solenoid valves, drip or soaker hose etc;; to come on & go off at pre-determined times.

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    If you have room you can place milk jugs in the ground as a drip irrigation. Just poke a small hole in the bottom with your knife, then bury it 3/4 of the way into the ground. Then fill them up and it will slowly leak out and feed your plants. I have this system in my garden and it works great. If it rains they will stay full for a week or more, but if it is dry they may only last an afternoon. Before you leave give your garden a good soaking, then fill up the jugs and it will be fine. Below is a link to pictures of them in my garden.
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