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Thread: new bow to me and arrow question

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    Default new bow to me and arrow question

    Well I found a nice recurve on craigslist a blacktail bow by norm johnson they are really nice and since my wife wanted to get me a birthday gift happy birthday to me.

    The bow is 58# at 28 inches and i shoot about 27 The arrows are hitting the target at 10 and 20 yards at a slight angle going in they are easton xx78 super slam

    I am wondering if maybe the spine is to much or any ideas it shoots accurately but angled. Any insight is appreciated.

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    The angle would be helpful for an answer. Is it left, right, up, or down?

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    the angle is to the left and it is shooting very good up and down

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    Have you tried bare shafting the arrows? That is the is the best way to see if you have a spine problem. Also Stu Miller's spine calculator will get you pretty close in spine.


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