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Thread: hello old friends and new friends too

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    Default hello old friends and new friends too

    though i am not from the nothern most state, alaskacanoe asked me if i would post some of my pics over here.

    i felt honered that he considered my work as that good and took him up on the offer.

    i already know several of you from other photosites and after checking out this page must admit i am pleased to be included withy such talented company.

    i am planning a trip up to your beautiful state for photography and though it may get put off as i am starting a photo service i assure you it will happen.

    i have already talked with a few here about that journey and am currently making future plans.

    it was my love of hunting that caused me to venture into another form and now i get to extend my season to all year

    i also have a webpage that changes all the time and would be thrilled for you to take a look and leave me a comment.

    hope you like my work

    though i see these white tail kites all the time at my hunting camp they are very hard to get close to even with binocs.

    i just happened to have my camera and it just happens to be breeding season and they wer more concerend about love than danger.
    they were still far away but with a big lens i was able to get a few decent shots.

    the first is just a crop of the second as the pose was priceless and too good to miss with net compression.

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    for some reason i see no edit tool heer but i forgot my websight


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