Attention forum readers if you haven't herd the news already, Alaska has started a freestyle league which is the first of its kind. Check it out at Basically it runs just like snow cross. First you must pay a one-time fee to become a member of The Wasilla racing lions (for insurance reasons). With this fee you are covered to practice on the ramps or track for the year. There will be a sport and vet class, which is $20; the semi pro and women's class will be $25 and the pros will be $30. First through third place will receive trophies (sport and vet ) and money (semi pro , women's pro & pro). Just because you ride in videos or race the pro class doesn't mean you have to freestyle in the pro class.
The sport and vet class mainly sticks to the two 30' jumps. The set up is a 30' snow jump and a comp ramp with a 42-foot table 10 feet tall. There is no gap and no danger. It looks small but it is just enough air to learn the basic tricks (bar hop, seat grab, can can, cordova, ect.). It will be similar to the set up in this vid.
The semi pro, women's and pro riders tend to use the 55' super kicker and the 65' comp ramp. It will looks similar to the landing in this vid.

We have another comp March 10th. This one should be a good one. We'll have Sam Carver ( who took 5th place at winter X) there competing against Jason Semler and Tim Beckner in the pro class. The smi pro guys are almost as good as the pros and are sure to go off. Ther will be girls that trick off 65' comp ramps and 50' super kickers as well as a sport and vet class.
On the racing side it should be better than ever cause this is a state race which means we will also have (X games qualifier) Corey Davis there. As well as the world record distance holder Paul Thacker will be racing the pro class. Many people are looking forward to see what Amanda Riggs might do on her home track. Last week she was the only girl hitting the huge tripple and riding aggressive.
Back on the freestyle side we will also be having a bmx demo on the snow. I have filmed with this crew for a while and there is sure to be some front flips and many other sick tricks being performed.
For more info check

practice is FREE.. It starts at 9am and last till 12:30. You can then decide whether you want to pay $20 to compete or just watch and ride durring the jam sessions. If you show up early and practice you and the people with you won't have to pay the spectater fee.
they will be held at the ak racing snow cross races. for the schedual and sign up information check out .
Here is how it works. The contest is the best of 2 run format. The freestyle schedule will work around the race schedule.
The first runs start at the end of the first heats. Pros first then semi pros and sport. The second run starts after the second heats. Then awards are dispersed

I am sorry that I haven't kept the snowmobile forum readers up to date, here are the results from the last three events.

Results from the first comp on 2/10/2007
each rider got 3 runs the best score of the 3 runs is there final score

Pro round1 round 2 round 3
!st Tim Beckner 73 77.5 n/a

1st Tom Gross 72.1 76 72.9
2nd Scott Marcum 73.1 69.5 72.5
3rd Rob Fyfe 58.1 60.9 n/a

sport class
1st Tyler Tilton 61.7 74.3 n/a
2nd Sebastian Landry 57 60 65.8
3rd Giles Landry 57.5 60.8 63.3
These guys didn't officailly sighn up but they competed any way
4th Carrey Cosgrove 65.7 76 71.9
5th Brian Gibbson 49 52 n/a

1st Katie Bever 55.5 54.6 64
2nd Amanda riggs 54 55.5 61

No body got hurt. The sport class was fun. Ther was a whole lot of one hand and no foot variations going down. The twins had quite a sibbling rivalry going on as they tried to learn seat grabs durring there 3rd round runs. The semi pro battle was the best show of the day with a 3 trick combo in the winning run. It would have been nice if some of the lazy ass pro riders would come out. In the girls class they both hit the 45' superkicker in the 3rd round with a 2 trick combo in the winning run. The judges could be more consistant between classes and with only 1 pro rider there wasn't a great variety of tricks but everybody had fun.

If any body is wants to try the ramps they can for free if you call the track@ 232-0754 or call Dane

Second Comp results on 2/17/2007

1 KATIE BEVER 55.5 54.6 64 64

1 TIM BECKNER 85.3 70.3 89 89
2 Jason Semler 87.3 53.6 82 87.3

1 TOM GROSS 82 78.6 81 82
2 Alex Gabbert 73.33 73 78.67 78.67
3 Justin Frank 61 74.3 N/A 74.3 (flipped super kicker)

1 Aron Alto 68.7 80.6 57 80.6
2 TYLER TILTON 75 73.3 N/A 75
3 Shawn Woodhead 54.33 56.6 58.9 58.9
(these next 2 guys didn't pay so they aren't official)
4 Sebastian Landry 56.3 60.3 60.5 60.5
5 Chris Carson 56.3 58.3 56.8 58.3

Over all we had another good weekend. To start with we had $600 donated to the money classes(womens, pro and semi-pro) By The Great Alaska Bush Company, The Club O & Smokey Bay Free ride, plus a parts gift card to CC Skidoo. Unfortunately the competition lost 2 of its best riders in practice when poorly maintained ramp threw Sam Carver way left and he smashed Ashly Chaffins sled.
The pro class was a tight comp. Jason threw down several very sick 9 o'clock variations but hasn't seemed to get all his bar tricks or flips back yet. Tim may have got lucky to win this one. He has a bigger variety of tricks but non have the style and extension of Jason.
In the womens class 3 signed up and 2 dropped out durring practice. Ashly's sled broke and Amanda Riggs was sore from snow-x. We really need Courtney Brown to come up from soldotna or any other girls for that matter. Katie has improved this week she did her no footers, no handers, small whip, look over and single footed cans on the super kicker. While she did more combos, Nacs, and a 2 foot can to a no hand landing on the small comp ramp.
The semi pro class was also an excitng show. Tom Gross won with his new cordova, whip, many can can variations, and his sled control. In 2nd place was Alex. He was very impressive for this is only his 2nd ride since his back flip crash on Dec. 9th. Alex has 2 very different cans, many bar tricks and probably would have won if it wasn't for a dead sailor in each run. Taking 3rd and the best trick is Justin Frank. He had a hard time doing many ticks in his run but for a second run he circled the super kicker 7 times then flipped. He melted off the side of the sled on impact then tried again but came in to fast and bailed.
Sport class winner is Aron Alto. He hit all the jumps and tried alot of different tricks and did very well for his first comp. 2nd place was Tylor Tilton who hits all the jumps and has great sled contol but doesn't seem to try new tricks. Woody took third with his double pump and no handers.
After the snow-x Tom Whitmore, a 48 year old, hit the small ramp perfect about 50 times.

Results from the Third Comp on 3/3/2007

First I want to thank THC for renting the snow guns last week, TDC Inc. for the 1000 gallons of fuel they donated to improve the freestyle & snow cross tracks and all the volunteers/riders that helped make this possible. With out volunteers this wouldn't be happening. Again nobody was hurt on the freestyle side and for the first time all season nobody got hurt on the race track.

The running and judging of the event wasn't as smooth as last week but we promiss to bring in the old judges and more volunteers to maintain the course and we'll get back on track for the March 10th comp. We have also changed the format to the best off 2 runs in order to allow more practice time.

In the sport class we had 4 new riders come out. Ryan(Army), one of the new guys, took first with solid can can variations, nacs, and a cliffhanger attempt. Tylor Tilton took 2nd with the same run he has done all season plus one sick no foot whip. Seth Grove ,another new guy, took 3rd. He has great control with nice stylish 2 point cans to no hand landing but a dead sailor and some repeat tricks cost him the win.

In the semi pro class there were only two riders but it was the closest comp of the day. Alex Gabbert won with a sloid run that was almost worthy of a pro class score. Some of his tricks include a smooth look back nac, then a big seat grab, a pendalum, a tweaked out 1 hand can can and a traditonal superman to finish his run. That puts Tom Gross in second place. he showed up with a freestyle seat but never used it and that made the diffeence in there runs.

Tim Beckner was the only pro rider but he still threw down with tricks like a 1 handed seat grab and a 1 hand, on the bar, superman, huge indian air, can cans, cordovas, strippers, candy bars and big whips. He has deffinately cleaned up his tricks since the last comp.

Katie was the only women to show up. She was as smooth as always, she started hitting the 65' super kicker but it's time to get some bent bars and a freestyle seat.

The VET class was just added this week and won by Tom Whitmore. The 48 year old snow cross racer came out aggressive hitting the 65' comp ramp more often than Sebastian. They both did point & look overs, little whips and alot of dead sailors as well. This was probably the hardest class to judge because they don't do many trcks so its mainly judged on who appears to have more sled control.

TIM BECKNER 91.3 89.6 91.3

Alex Gabbert 80.9 87.3 87.3
TOM GROSS 83.8 84.3 84.3
Ryan Armstrong 81.2 76.3 81.2
Tylor Tilton 78.6 75.6 78.6
Seth Grove 75.4 78.2 78.2
Kyle Conner 71.5 73.3 73.3
Blake Elder 69.5 73 73
Chris Carson 68.3 63.3 68.3
KATIE BEVER 70 78 78
Tom Whitmore 66.1 67.6 67.6
Sebastian Landr 66.5 66.4 66.5