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Thread: Thoughts on these flies?

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    Default Thoughts on these flies?

    Hey what do you guys think of these flies so far for Kings? Been making them a bit on the heavy side to get them down deeper in the saltwater.
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    This was an accidental double post. Please ignore this one.

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    Heck yeah, nice array for a spread of conditions and waters. We use Clausers in the colors like the one in the upper right on feeding fish when we can find them, but as they get near the river mouth they're more and more likely to hit the brighter colors. Only thing I've found offshore is that they're more prone to flies in the 3-4" length than longer or shorter, and a little more sparsely tied than yours. But that's my waters and might not have a thing to do with yours.

    Unsolicited advice, but we've settled on the Rio Leviathan for rods over 10-weight, but the Rio sinking Outbound for 10-weight and lighter. Just about the perfect mix of casting ease and sink rate for SW up here. Way too much sink for the freshwater I fish though. Might be just fine for a big river like the Kenai. On kings, be alert as you're waiting for the fly to sink to depth, because a hi proportion of your strikes will come on the sink, rather than the retrieve.

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    Thanks for the input. I added the correct picture on my other post with a few more I have been working on. I will add a few more clousers with your recommendation to be on the lighter side and a little more sparce. I will be fishing while wading from shore or on some rocks so I will be getting down about 10 to 20 feet max to target them. Been having my past luck on the same colors but the flying Cs so I am hoping these are the ticket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SemperFi View Post
    I will be fishing while wading from shore or on some rocks so I will be getting down about 10 to 20 feet max to target them.
    In that case, lighter flies are definitely better. You'll mostly be retrieving from deep to shallow, and a heavy fly will continue to sink even when your line slows its sink rate while you're retrieving. Long and short of it, you'll be hanging in those rocks lots more than you like with a sinking line PLUS weighted flies. Better to let the line do the sinking work while the flies are freer to skim over obstructions.

    You'll be really happy with that sinking Outbound from shore, if you haven't already lined up. It casts like a shooting head, sinks like a rock, and isn't as prone to tangling as most other shooting lines I've used.

    Fishing from shore with Clausers I always use pretty small lead eyes, or if I want bigger eyes, machined eyes. The big thing for kings seems to be that 3-4" length along the beaches around here, but it could be different in your location.

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    Good lookin flies. I bet the one with the blade on it will be a killer!
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