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Thread: I want to cross the Cook Inlet in my 26 foot boat

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    Default I want to cross the Cook Inlet in my 26 foot boat

    I want to cross the Cook Inlet in my 26 foot boat. I will be putting a 120-150 hp outboard on it. Any recommendations?

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    Where are you headed to? Try search,thing. alot stuff been talked about.My thoughts are the same, easier than retyping it all over..Heres one of the threads ,,

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    crossed cook inlet many times in a skiff. When I was a kid we had wooden skiffs,19-20 footers. Now we have fiberglass and aluminum18-22 footers. We go from Kenai to Kalgin Is. We watch the weather close and don't go if it is crappy. There are some rips in between there that can get ugly, especially on a big tide day with a south wind. A 26 foot boat with that horsepower is plenty big, but you gotta know what the weather is doing
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    It can't be done without becoming a front page article on the ADN according to all the internet experts on here. Search and see.

    In all seriousness watch the tides and weather and look out for debris while boating like everyone does when on a boat regardless of the location and you should be good.

    Not sure what type of 26 boat you are taking over or where you plan to launch from and head for but try to plan accordingly with the high tide or you might get stuck in the mud on the far side.

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    I have crossed it more times than can be counted in 14'-18' wood, fiberglass and aluminum skiffs. Pick your days and go for it. Alot of it depends on the destination. The bar off the south end of Kaligan runs down a long ways and it can get NASTY. I have been there in a 32' commercial boat wishing I was anywhere but there. Depending on the destination you could be better off launching out of Kenai or deep creek area. There are some rock piles on both sides of the inlet to be aware of, but without knowing where you want to go from and to it is hard to say your best route.


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