This is for you folks that have been down the atigun gorge, atigun /sag confluence and the upper Sag. I hope to do a hiking trip in the afore mentioned corridors. Looking at the detailed maps i have, it appears that there is a large canyon wall on the north bank of the attigun. Is the ten mile section of the atigun hikable from the hwy to the sag confluence? I understand this will be rough but i am a little curious to the steep wall on the north bank.
Also at the confluence is there any strecth of water that can be crossed by wading at the Sag?This is not a float trip. I hope to hike from Galbraith lake down the Atigun to the sag and then down the sag to the hwy. I would like to cross the sag at the atigun confluence to check a few things out on the other side. any helpful information would be appreciated. looking for first hand information. I tentatively will be doing this trip last week July- 1st week Aug.
Thanks for the info