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Thread: Cabin Rental For Unguided Big Game Hunters

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    Thumbs up Cabin Rental For Unguided Big Game Hunters

    "I should much regret to see grow up in this country a system of large private game preserves kept for the enjoyment of the very rich. One of the chief attractions of the life of the wilderness is its rugged and stalwart democracy. There every man stands for what he actually is and can show himself to be.”
    Theodore Roosevelt

    Hi All
    Well its been quite a process and a real learning experience for me. It looks like with a little luck and support I will be back in the hunting cabin rental biz. If any of you would care to send a note or make a call to Rep. Gabriell Le Doux`s office in support of HB 165 it sure could help and would be appreciated.
    HB165 is scheduled for a hearing in House Resources (Room 124) on Monday March 12th --the committee meets from 1 to 3 p.m. and they are hearing 3 bills after a possible confirmation hearing for Denby Lloyd. Hopefully they will get to this bill.
    Thanks to all of you for your interest and previous posts on this.

    Please contact Suzanne with your comments.
    Suzanne Hancock, Chief of Staff
    Representative Gabrielle LeDoux
    State Capitol
    District 36
    Juneau, AK 99801-1121
    phone: (907) 465-2487 (office)
    (907) 465-4230 (direct)
    fax: (907) 465-4956

    To whom it concerns
    When the Legislature re authorized the Statutes pertaining to big game guiding and transporter services to be overseen by the BGCSB (Big Game Commercial Services Board) some unintended consequences came to light. One of which was the rental of private cabins to hunters.
    A small change in previous wording gave enforcement impetus for new emphasis on the statute. This caused undue hardship on people like myself who by all intentions had made every available effort to be legal in renting their cabins.
    I have worked extensively with the BGCSB and Rep. Le Douex`s office to find remedies to this situation. The bill Rep. Le Douex is sponsoring is a result of this effort and has the unanimous support of all involved including the BGCSB.

    Thanks for your consideration
    Rick Metzger

    copy of HB 165

    3 * Section 1. AS 08.54 is amended by adding a new section to read:
    4 Sec. 08.54.785. Chapter not applicable. The provisions of this chapter do not
    5 apply to a person providing, for compensation or with the intent to receive
    6 compensation, only accommodations to a big game hunter in the field at
    7 (1) a permanent lodge, house, or cabin on private land owned by the
    8 person; or
    9 (2) a state or federal cabin on state or federal land.
    10 * Sec. 2. AS 08.54.790(9) is amended to read:
    11 (9) "outfit" means to provide, for compensation or with the intent to
    12 receive compensation, services, supplies, or facilities, excluding the provision of
    13 accommodations by a person described in AS 08.54.785, to a big game hunter in
    14 the field, by a person who neither accompanies nor is present with the big game hunter
    15 in the field either personally or by an assistant;

    Dear Editor

    If you have an out-of-town cabin and have considered renting it to deer hunters, don`t. Its illegal and the penalty is high.
    When governor Murkowski re-implemented the Big Game Commercial Services Board (BGCSB), the Legislature had to reauthorize the statutes pertaining to Guides and Transporters (AS 08.54.591‑.680). Now, only a licensed guide, outfitter, or a licensed transporter ‑ who owns the cabin and performs a transportation service to the renter – may rent a cabin to a big game hunter.

    While the BGCSB process can do great things for the guide and transport service, it also has the capacity to do great harms to unguided Alaskan hunters. To serve common use interests, the process requires public vigilance and participation

    The clarity and constitutionality of intentions is already getting lost in the untested wording. Here’s how I see it and have been told how it is.

    If you have private property not “associated with a city, town or village” then you cannot rent or provide any facility, service, or supply to a big game hunter. However, if your property is “associated with a city, town or village” then you MAY rent or provide anything under the sun to a big game hunter.

    In contrast to private property, State Park and Federal cabins remain rentable for any hunting use. Are these double standards?

    Alaskan law has no legal definition of “associated.” American Heritage Dictionary defines it as "connected in mind or imagination"

    There are confusing crossover licensing issues between cabin rental business licensing, transporting, outfitting and guiding I sat down with helpful state troopers, biologists, department of law, licensing and BGCSB members to discuss unclear language, unintended consequences and how it’s led to selective enforcement.

    We openly delved into how Alaskans will be denied opportunities to hunt; higher costs; and how fewer hunters in the field in areas of abundance might imbalance game management.

    these are statewide statutes in some areas the regulations become an issue of competition for dollars and animals.

    To some, it has the appearance of further privatization of access privileges and reserves common use resources for the benefit of a select few.

    . Only the Legislature can make needed corrections.

    If you are a concerned hunter, property owner, or service provider, please read the statutes and form your own understanding and review your own situation with troopers and other departments.

    Representative Gabrielle LeDoux of Kodiak is already working on wording for a correcting bill; HB 165. The BGCSB is meeting in Fairbanks in March and has unanimously supported this bill. Like every other political process, either you get involved, or you’ll find yourself having to accept what you get. Happy hunting.

    Rick Metzger

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    But what does this do for you, in regard for your ability to also include the skiff you mentioned earlier? Can you rent them a skiff, sleeping bags, sell gas or food to them from your remote property? Seems to be a half loaf of bread to me. If it is going to get fixed, it needs to be fixed all at once, not piece mealed.

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    Default The BGCSB is meeting in Fairbanks in March and has unanimously supported this bill.

    Good job Rick ....

    Thinking back about all the discussion after your original post .... I can't understand why many flat out attacked the BGCSB and even Guides !!!!!!

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    Default Half Baked

    AKRES is some what right in his assesment. This bill pretains only to the rental of accomodations. There is still much needing to be done in regard to whole definition "field" and its inturpitation and inforcment. FOr now I will be satisfied to just get the cabin rental back. It is all the burden I could carry to acomplish only this within the time constraints of the session If you don`t like it let em know.
    a lot of flash in the pan critisism was directed towards the BGCSB on this and I probably inisiated some of it through ignorance of the process. I worked extensively with the BGCSB on this and have came away with much respect and admiration of the Board members and a good understanding of the process. I still say it needs the vigilance and participation of Joe Hunter.

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    This is good news! I just wrote a letter to my representative in support. He (Kohring) is also on the Resources Committee, where the Bill currently resides. Thanks for the effort Rick.
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