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Thread: AK Highway from Tok to Delta Junction

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    Default AK Highway from Tok to Delta Junction

    Hi all,

    The wife and I, kids included (Dog and cat) are traveling this summer and was wondering if anyone knew of any good camping and fishing spots along this part of the highway. We figure we have 3 days to explore this area and the Milepost doesn't mention much about it, in either fishing or camping spots.
    Has anyone travel and explored this area in the past few years? Thanks up front and I'll post any learning curve experiences once we've had a look around that area.

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    well I spent a bunch of time linking to each campground in the area but this thing times out on me for some reason. So I will give you the link to where they can be found and you can see for yourself.
    Outdoor recreation parks

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    Thanks A2, Ill check it out.

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    Can't find much on it either. This usually has pretty good detail about the highways, but not much on the area you asked about.



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