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Thread: yak rentals?

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    Default yak rentals?

    flying in labor day weekend for 10 glorious days, are there good sit on top yaks for rent on the lower kenai peninsula?

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    Where are you flying into? AK raft and kayak rents inflatables, that would be the best bet.. Alaska canoe and campground would be a good try, not sure about sot's, but they have canoes, and might have IK's..

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    thanks chris, we have 4 SOT yaks here at home we fish with, and become very attached to the fishing out of yaks. this is my 4th time to the lower Kenai, so i will survive without one. hoping to get into the other fish there(rainbow, steelhead, grayling, char, etc.). any tips in that direction would be appreciated. thanks again
    p.s. not sure i want to climb into a boat with the acronym SINK!!


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