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Thread: Any ideas getting boat from Soldotna to sitka? Ferry is Booked.

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    Default Any ideas getting boat from Soldotna to sitka? Ferry is Booked.

    The Haines ferry will take boats boat that is a long Voyage and would need a passport. I am Glad I bough the boat and then did the Shipping research later. I could get it shipped late July but would like the boat before then.

    Thank Guys. I am just a little stressed now.

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    Pay someone to truck it up.
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    Might throw in a nice SS rifle for some help but would love to find someone already heading down.

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    I used this service in the lower 48 transported my boat from Oregon to Indiana, it works a lot like eBay, you can put the load out for bid, select your provider, check his credentials, it cost nothing if you don't use them, I paid $1.00 mi about 3yrs ago, was a good experience, it services your area also

    U-Save Boat Transport was my provider I recomend him


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