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    I took a vacation day today so a friend and I could make a trip to Flathorn Lake. What a terrible day. On the way out our cargo was not wanting to stay on the sled no matter what we did. The trail was rough as hell. I lost my cell phone. The temp lights kept coming on on our machines. I should have known better than to tow a sled with a mountain machine to go fishing. The wind was nasty. The ice was 4 + feet deep and our auger digs a 4' hole. I did research and everyone I talked to said an extension was not needed. We got four holes drilled and had three flags in 4 hours but no fish. The ride back was rough. Cargo agreed to stay in the sled. But the machines kept over heating. The bumper on my machine broke and the cotter pin fell out of the hitch. But I did realize that a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.

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    man thats for sure. Come on summer for some salmon fishing

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    Default Any pictures?

    Yeah, after that story I can't wait to go to work tomorrow.
    Hike faster. I hear banjo music.

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    Well bummer story and all, but bottom line is you were fishing and I wasn't. Had to have been a great day anyway.


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    I don't know if you're aware of it or not, but you can drive your truck to within a couple miles of flathorn. My buddy and I learned the hard way last weekend when we parked and unloaded by the gas plant and then rode down 12 miles of bumpy trail only to see 30 rigs parked out there!

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    Your auger should have covered it. I wont tell ya about the two 10 pound plussers we pulled out of there..then

    I'de be careful driving that ice road, especially with this wind. If the company at the other end pulls, and the road drifts while your in there, you might be in a jam. The reason I mention this is because it happend last time the ice road was put in out there, and a bunch of rigs got drifted in. I don't recall the particulars but they eventually got them out.

    Now witht that said.........that is one mean bumpy ride when ya hit the trail in the trees boardering the lake.

    PS I like your outlook too.


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