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Thread: homer winter king derby--special rules

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    Talking homer winter king derby--special rules

    1.) ice shanties may be erected no earlier then morning of the day prior to the tournament.
    2.) no hole may exceed 12" in diameter, and must be at least 25' from any other participants hole.
    3.) no more then one hole may be fished at any one time, all tip-ups must be closely attended.
    good fishing and good luck!!
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    It's been that cold down there, eh?


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    Seen a guy ice fishing in the harbor this weekend. And no ice house, tough guys there

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    I am heading down to Homer this weekend for my kids hockey tournament. Can't believe I am already a hockey dad, my boy is only 4!! Well at least the family gets to get out of Anchorage and enjoy the spit! Hopefully the weather warms up.

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    Wish I could be there for it. But I'm not digging out 6+ of snow that is blocking me in.
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    Wink Clarification, please

    Quote Originally Posted by homerdave View Post
    2.) no hole may exceed 12" in diameter,
    Will we be allowed to enlarge the hole once the fight has been engaged?

    Or, lacking that, if we need to cut the fish up to get it out of the hole, will the pieces still be eligible to win? Or just the largest chunk?

    Can we lead the fish in ever larger circles, round and round, cutting a bigger hole, thus creating a "natural opening"?

    It would be good to know this prior to the derby, as it will cause confusion and consternation amongst the less fortunate! (OK, that's usually me)
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