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Thread: Bumper for 2011 Big Boss ?

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    Default Bumper for 2011 Big Boss ?

    Any one know of a place that makes a good front bumper for a 2011 Big Boss 6x6. I looked at a web site for the "ATV Guru" and he had a good looking one made from tubing and expanded metal on a 4 wheeler. Prefer not to order from the states though. Never know when I might need to run a tree over.

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    After searching all over for a descent bumper for my King Quad I finally went with ATV Guru's bumper. No regrets! I called him and his customer service was excellent. The bumper was on my doorstep in about 10 days and I couldn't be happier. It's an awesome bumper.


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    That is what I will probably do. They look great to me also and should offer lots of protection. My welding machine died awhile back, maybe I should get a new one, doubt it would turn out as good as his do though. I will call and talk to him. Thanks for the reply.

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    I called the guys at ATV Guru. They are starting to get several requests for bumpers for the 2011 Sportsman 6x6. They are going to be working on a design in the near future as they want to come up with a good way to attach the bumper. The guy I talked to said the customer may end up having to drill a couple of holes in their machine. I am going to send them a couple of pics of how my winch is attached. This machine really needs a heavy duty bumper on the front.


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