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Thread: Fishfinder /gps combo ?

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    Default Fishfinder /gps combo ?

    Could use some help from you salt guys. I 'm a freshwater fishing guide and I'm going to start exploring the salt waters soon. I have never used fishfinders so I dont know what to look for in one. I was looking at the Hummingbird 597 ci combo it has the down imaging and say it works to 250 ft.

    Has anyone used the DI I think it would be great for my river fishing and also work good in the salt.

    Looking for some first hand experience.


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    Everybody makes a good sounder these days. Make sure you get color though. The key is to get the gps that supports the best software/charts for your area! I repeat again.. talk to the guys who extensively fish your area, see what charts they like, and get the same thing. Lowrance, hummingbird, furuno, raymarine, etc.. they all use different chips.

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    I can give the thumbs-up to the Elite 5 from Lowrance in that price range...very easy operation and good sonar/mapping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AK2AZ View Post
    I can give the thumbs-up to the Elite 5 from Lowrance in that price range...very easy operation and good sonar/mapping.
    +1 for the Elite 5. I know fur sure that I've "sold" half a dozen of them, just from guys watching mine on my boat. One who bought his last week sezz they've come down in price and the Gold nav charts for Alaska are included in the price. He saved close to $200 compared to what I paid for my combo.

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    I'm currently running a raymarine 57d. Pretty good stuff. It'll set you back about 1k for the FF/GPS combo. It seems a step up from the Lowrance I was using.

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    Unless you get a really big screeen, think twice about combo units. I have a garmin combo unit, and I hate it, for two reasons. The fishfinder is less than steller, but the killer on a combo is you'll be looking at your chart and the sonar when coming up on structure, and with the screen split, it's 1/2 size very challenging to use.
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