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    Default Wyoming Saw

    Do you guys carry the 11" blade or the 18" blade model? I can use either size blades in mine, but never thought to use the 11" until this weekend. Difference of 5 ounces between the two.

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    I use the 11" blade in mine for 99% of everything I do. The only time I've switched it up, is at the butchering table where I use a back saw for some of the bigger pieces. I'd take the longer blade on a moose hunt, but deer, sheep, goat, bear and similar size game, I'd just take the 11". It doesn't hurt to bring it all, but I've never needed it on those type of hunts.

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    Default 11"

    I have used the11" for all the big game I have hunted, and it has worked just fine, Moose included.


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