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Thread: machete recommendations?

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    Question machete recommendations?

    Anyone have a recommendation a machete? I'm thinking something that would be used for hacking a rough trail through mainly light understory like devil's club and small limbs; probably not thick brush.

    What are the considerations? (length, weight, brand, material, type, etc.)


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    Wink machetes

    i would say budget is the prime consideration , then the things you mentioned. without knowing the budget, i would say

    on the low end $15-30 cold steele or tramontina

    middle end, ontario or becker $50-90

    high end custom, livesay recon machete $175-350.

    for the use you are looking at, i would go with the low to middle end and try to get a kydex sheath if you can, 18"-24" parang style blade.

    hope that helps, happy trails.
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    Kershaw Outback by Ken Onion

    Awesome tool, I have used mine to chop trees, 2x4's etc, Kershaw also has a sharpen for life as well with this and all their knives.


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    Default Different approach

    I cut a lot of trails into bait stands and I use a set of limb cutters with expandable handles that exend to about 30". Up to 1 1/2" they cut pretty well and I can reach over to the ground and clip brush off flush with the ground preventing trip hazards. I also do not have to worry about my partner being "in range". They are also very silent. And if all else fails, tell the wife you bought them for yard work.
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    Default K Bar

    I would think this would fit your needs fairly well. I have used it for about two years and not had unexpected problems with it.

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    Ontario 12in with the d-guard

    cut the guard off and sanded it to were its comfy and redo the edge and youll have a great machete

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    Meyerco Machete, 18", Rubber Overmold Handle, Nylon Sheath. Stainless steel. Also available in 16" and 22". Cheap, even at AIH (known for gouging). Less than $30.
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    As a surveyor, I've probably spent half my life clearing line. This is what we use:

    Way better and much safer than a machete.
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    At a knife store's going-out-of-business sale a couple years ago, I bought a Tramontino (I think I paid $5 for it), a Cold Steel and an Ontario.

    The Tramontino (from Brazil) was surprisingly good for the money.

    The Cold Steel was junk, the worst of the three. I can't keep it sharp - the edge rolls right over no matter how I angle it.

    The Ontario was the best.

    All three required quite a bit of work on the edges.


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