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Thread: .270 wsm vs 30.06

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    Default .270 wsm vs 30.06

    My last post was a mistake, My dad has a .270 short mag (not .280)and a 30-06.
    The ballistics give the .270 more speed and energy out of the gun and at 200 yards. Sounds better to me but is there more to consider?
    Which would be better for caribou (primary target species), and or possibly bear? As a bow hunter I am not too up on the gun world. (probably should be, I used to hunt with guns)
    Thanks for the response last time
    sorry about the repeat question, just trying to learn...

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    Default Vs

    The 30-06 is never a bad choice. I dont know about 270 WSM ammo availability.

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    I bought my wife a Winchester 270 WSM for last Valentine day. Believe it or not she wanted that over flowers. It is a sweet, fast shooting rifle. I don't think I would use it on anything larger than a Bou, but with a good 30-06 back up it maybe good on a moose and black bear.

    It has the potential to be an excellent sheep/goat rifle. My wife really likes shooting it until I sneak in a reload or two......LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burke View Post
    Which would be better for caribou (primary target species), and or possibly bear?
    What type of bear? If black, the .270 seems like a great choice, if brown - go with the '06.


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    The 270 Winchester has been doing it all since 1925. The 270 WSM speeds up the 270 Winchester by about 150 FPS.

    The 270 WSM is the only WSM cartridge that actually has an improvement over the cartridges that the WSM's were supposed to be emulating. The 7mm WSM will not do anything the the 7mm Remington magnum won't do and the 300 WSM will not do anything that the 300 Winchester Magnum won't do except fit in short action rifles.


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