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Thread: Camping/Fishing North of Palmer

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    Default Camping/Fishing North of Palmer

    I posted another thread about this in the fresh water fishing forums, but I thought I'd check here too with my questions more specific to camping.

    The wife and I planned to go to Tangle Lakes the weekend of May 21. We're looking for more places to camp north of Palmer that have things to do. I liked the idea of Tangle Lakes because of the ability to fish with out having a boat. But then reality hit and now I realize that the area will probably still be frozen.

    That is when I found myself with the following questiosn: Were can I camp north of Palmer where there are actually things to do if I don't have ATV's or a Boat? I have searched campgrounds but was hoping I could get a little insight from the experts about any places I may not have read about where there are kid friendly activies such as hiking, biking, and hopefully some streams and lakes that I can fish without a boat?

    The main place we seem to camp is King Mountain camp ground because that is where my wife grew up camping, but to me it is boring, I don't know what to do around there other than throw rocks in the water, and there is more highway noise than in my front yard! Maybe I am missing out on something that you know of that might be worth checking out? I don't mind driving up to 5-6 hours one way from Palmer.

    I know there is alot of info out there but any info that you would personally suggest will be gladly accepted. Thank you.

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    DSCF8645 [Desktop Resolution].jpgThis photo was taken from my tent door at a camping site from the Nabesna road in the Wrangell St Elias park. Also the other pictures posted are either from the road driving in or a hike of the skookum volcano trail. If you want a camping and hiking adventure with some fishing this is a place like no other. Just check out the site for all other information. A true back country experience. Any questions just ask.


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