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    Has anybody tried Brad's Kwikfish? Do they swim as well as the Luhr Jensen kwikfish?

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    I picked up a couple last week (like I need anymore kwikfish style lures ) to give a try, but haven't been out yet. One thing I noticed on them is their mold lines look really clean. Perhaps their molding process is a little more precise the Luhr Jensens. Looking forward to trying them out.

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    I sure do like the colors of Brads lures but the wiggle is more important to me. If you can combine both then they'll be a surefire winner. I bought a couple and plan on using them for the first time in June.

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    Didn't Luhr Jensen get sold and change their kwickfish molds? That happened several years ago with Wiggle Warts and I think Brad's had something comparable to the original mold


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