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Thread: Registration Anchor Point King Derby

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    Default Registration Anchor Point King Derby

    I saw in some other posts that a few guys want to fish this derby but did not want to come down Friday night to register. I ran into Stan Harrington (one of the organizers) this morning and he said to call him at the Anchor River Inn 907-235-8531 Friday between 5PM to 7PM and you can register by phone and then pay your fee Sat morning. Hope this helps for anyone that did not want to come down early. Good Luck. Dan
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    I wonder how that is going to work regarding "buying the boat". Be odd to register late and not have that opportunity to buy that particular boat sine I hear 50% of the prize money is for whoever does that.

    Well I am greedy, so hopefully I will be there to survey the competition (AND buy them LOTS of drinks to see if I can slow them down a bit...did I really admit to that??? lol) and see about plopping down a few more dollars worth of donations to help out the kids and at least try to buy into the few kayaks and others that will be out there! If the weather is even close to fishable, I will be there!

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    Default I Can't Beleive You Said That Either

    The gentleman talked to last night is Tom Hagburg--President of the Anchor River Sportsman's Assocciation.Real nice fellow.If anyone has any questions he can be reached at 299-8139.
    I figure he can fill-in any blanks (I hope he doesn't mind me posting his #)

    And kardinal_84---isn't that dirty pool ? Heck of a way to slow down the competition.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Collett View Post

    And kardinal_84---isn't that dirty pool ? Heck of a way to slow down the competition.........
    Whaaa? Really now...and here I was ribbing polebender about his offer for a nice hot cup of java on the water! Guilty as charged! But I do it only to contribute to the overall entertainment factor of this weekend. Should be a great time if the weather cooperates.


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