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Thread: What price for a 1998 Big Boss 6x6?

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    Default What price for a 1998 Big Boss 6x6?

    I am going to sell my 1998 Big Boss. It has the 500cc engine with engine braking and a 2,000 lb Warne Winch. Any ideas on what to ask for it? I was thinking 2,500.00 but maybe that is too much.

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    There is one on Craigslist for that price...ain't selling. I would just put it up as "make an offer" and then let the buyers do what they will. Old Wheelers are like Old Fishing Poles Not like Old Guns.
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    Thanks for the tip.

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    You may be able to get a ball park on blue book, and some time the banks will have a book that you can refr. Another thought is drop by some of the 4 wheeler shops and see what resale value might be. That gives you a start and then with any extra's on the quad you can adjust up or down.

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    Prices are all over up here and some times dont make any sense to me. I would put it out there for $2500 or best offer and let them talk you down. There is a 99 on there right now for $4500 with only 750 miles or so and a 98 woth 1053 miles for $3750. If its in good shape and doesnt have a ton of miles you should be able to get $2500 pretty easy!
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    Thanks for the help guys.


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