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Thread: Bowhunting after surgery

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    Default Bowhunting after surgery

    I'm facing open heart surgery in the next few years to replace a defective aortic valve. Right now the Dr. has advised me no heavy lifting but says shooting my longbow is OK. I explained it was a very heavy bow, #90, but he still thought it was OK. Life after surgery is supposed to be just as good as before replacement but I can find no real info on it as far as bowhunting and pulling a heavy bow. Has anyone else undergone this type of procedure or any experience along these lines and can maybe shed some light on this? Thanks

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    90 pound bows may have caused your heart condition. (tongue and cheek) Like stressing over the ability to shoot such a bow in the first place. Life has some much more to offer and so does bowhunting with reasonable poundage. I would focus on having the life saving procedure and the important things like family and just getting your wind and sails back up. A 50 pound bow will kill anything in Alaska if you put the arrow where it belongs. Besides, experience talking here , heavy bows will lead to future surgeries of the shoulders and elbows and delay future hunts.

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    Be sure to ask your Dr. about different options for connecting the ribs after they unzip you. Old style staples may tend to bind and I've heard that they are using nylon type clips now. More flexible?? I have not had my chest split (yet) but after surviving two widow makers the thing that got me back in shape was cardiac rehab. Take that rehab serious and you'll do fine.

    Good luck, Daryl


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