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Thread: more rifles = worse accuracy?

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    Default more rifles = worse accuracy?

    When I was young and poor, I hunted and target shot with my rifle, my only rifle, a 270 win. I then accuireded a 300wby and for a bunch of years, that was my rifle collection, rimfires aside. I had a feel for each rifle and I never missed a shot, was fsat as lightning to get on target and life was grand.

    Well now I am older and silghtly less poor, and have accuired a bunch of rifles, many different actions, action styles, get it. I still have a few that I grab when I want to hunt something specific, but I feel like I have to think about the ballistics of each gun now, and I wonder, was I better off with a few rifles that I was very familiar with?

    I still find my 270win although a different one, my go to deer gun and I have been using a 257 wby and 300 rum as they are real close balistically, but if I grab a rifle that I have never killed anything with I feel like it is unproven to me, all of my guns are in top shape with good glass, triggers, and stocks, but it still leaves me questioning them. I go so far as to put a note on each as to where it is sighted and what load, when it was checked for zero.

    then of course reloading for multiple guns in the same caliber......ugg

    anyone else have that problem?

    do you just own a bunch of guns and hunt with a few?

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    I don't find that the case at all. I do find myself shooting more. I guess if I spent the same amount of time shooting as I did when I had one rifle, then my feel for each rifle might suffer. But I spend a lot of time at the range and in the field with each of my firearms. The feel seems natural for each rifle.

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    The voices in my head say "more is better"...
    So I can be a target shooter with one or two,
    A hunter with one or two..
    And a country gentleman with a nice collection of history for a few more....
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    Some go for years without being shot, then for a while I shoot them like crazy. My interests and needs shift around all the time, and I've learned to simply hang onto the guns and let them rest a bit between spells of use. Sure as shootin, if I sell them I'll simply have to replace them again sometime in the future.

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    Its the places you have been while using them, and the memories of those times, and perhaps friends they bring back! Bill.
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    Within velocity ranges the PBR's are nearly the same, but unless you have the skill or money to personally fit each rifle there will be obvious differences other than recoil and noise. You end up liking some guns more than others. I really enjoy shooting my Ruger #1, but find one of my Rem. 700's with a McMillan stock is the most enjoyable to shoot. It just feels right. Some guns should never be sold: the ones you shot your first anything with, the ones that you inherited, and the ones that are shooters. When you pick those up you pick up memories.

    Multiple guns of the same caliber? Why not? Knowing is less frustrating than wondering. The only thing more expensive than a good education is not having one.

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    I like to find one rifle and one load to shoot and hunt with for a period of time. It seems to help my confidence. I have several rifles of different makes and models, but I find myself sticking to one for a 2 to 3 year period before I go back to another. However, I am now shooting a custom Encore in 308 150gr and 375 H&H 270gr. The weight and balance is almost identical to the other, each barrel is sighted in for the one and only load. I really canít tell the difference until I pull the trigger.
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    I have basicly 3 guns, a 22 a 300win mag and my Contender. I have other barrels for the contender but almost never use any of them other than the .223. I have found that I consistantly out shoot my freinds with large collections. Dont know if it's a mater of range time or gun familularity(sp?).By the way getting a Encore asap.


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