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Thread: Yellowknife to Ponds Inlet

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    Have some friends, Titus Aloolloo and his son Sam, using snowmachines to go from Yellowknife to Ponds Inlet. It is being followed by cbc north if anyone gets that up here. Might be an interesting follow.

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    don't get me wrong but what is cbc north ? As I would like to follow

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    CBC is the canadian public television channel. Not something you are going to see in the states.

    Not too long ago, I spent some time in Yellowknife and did quite a bit of work in the Pond Inlet region. That would be a pretty serious trip across the barrenlands and over the sea ice.

    Also check out for a snowmachine trip that is about to kick off from Fairbanks to Bakers Lake through the barrenlands.

    I've been alot of places in Alaska, but the NWT and Nunavut are a whole different kind of rugged.

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    Default Tough trip

    CBC North beat is available online. Titus has also Kayakd the Northwest Passage so he is quite an adventurer. They are anticipatin the trip to take 16-20 days, and the routing is Pellet to Bathurst Inlet, then Gjoa Haven, Pelly, Iglulik and Pond.

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    Default Ponds Inlet!

    Titus & Sam left Kingaut March 8, traveled to 100 miles outside of Gjoa Haven and camped on the sea ice. Weather windy and very cold. Arrived in Uqsuqtuk (Gjoa Haven at 6 o'clock March 10. Snow machines are holding up, but the kamotiks continue to require maintenance. They arrived in a blizzard and could not see the town until about 1/2 mile out.
    Arrived in Pelly Bay March 12 around 8pm. After leaving Kuugarjuk (Pelly Bay), they tried crossing the sea ice at Committee Bay, but the ice was too rough, so they ended up having to travel south to Naujat (REpulse Bay). Yesterday it took them 6 hours to travel 100 yards over the sea ice. They were running low on fuel, but managed to arrive safely in Naujat around 8pm. Repulse hosted a feast and square dance, sent them off with bannock, fish and a new kamotik. March 18 they arrived in Hall Beach at 1 am. There was a greeting party to meet them complete with hot soup. They are now on familiar territory as they have both done the trip from Hall Beach to Pond Many times, by both machine and dog team. Attended church then on to Igloolik. Major blizzard has stopped them in Igoolik. Did a little repair on one machine, body work, not mechanical. Left March 22 made it to Ipiutalik to camp. ARRIVED POND INLET MARCH 23 11AM POND TIME. ODOMETER READS 2700 MILES.


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