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Thread: Anise flavored pop corn for the do it yourself guys.

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    Default Anise flavored pop corn for the do it yourself guys.

    Just wanted to give those who didnt know (after talking to a few forum members about this on the phone today). Wal Mart sells anise extract. I mixed some in a spray bottle (about 2 bottles worth) with sugar water and misted my pop corn that I made this week and let me tell you this stuff is STRONG. So wanted to pass on the info to those who are on a baiting budget (like myself).

    Hope this helps someone out. I would write up a how to but if you cant figure out how to pour some warm water in a bowl and add lots of sugar and liquid anise to it and mix it you shouldn't be baiting lol.

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    I did something similar to that and added maple syrup and berry blast jelly mix. Works like a champ!
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