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Thread: Black Bear at Glacier Creek

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    Default Black Bear at Glacier Creek

    Anyone parked at Alyeska and done black bear hunting around girdwood? I have heard there were bears running around but didnt know how to access the areas around there. Is there a trail head that lets you into the hunting grounds. Not scared to hike by any means but difficult finding difference between private and public lands back in Girdwood. Any advice would help. Hope to take myself out for my birthday to check out the blackies this weekend. Thanks.

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    I haven't done it myself yet, was thinking about it later this year, the problem with girdwood is that the amount of snow that they get doesn't allow for easy back country hiking until later in the year, I'd say June at best. I do know that there is a trail from Indian over to Girdwood and there have been some posts on here about it holding bears.

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    Yeah I hear snow shoes are a must. Easier to spot black on white though huh. Well I might wander up there, will let you know what I find.


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