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    Need a second opinion
    I checked my bait for the second time today and it was wiped out. I knew there was a brown workin it from the pics I got thursday but was wondering what you all think. If you look at the pic taken a little after 3am, just to the right of the white bucket you see a black shape that is blocking out the barrel. The second pic of the brown coming in on the trail is after 3:15 and if you look to the right of the bucket you can clearly see the barrel this time. My guess judging by the size of the shape is that its a small black bear that got spooked when the brown came in. This is the same brown I got pics of thursday and it didnt have cubs with it so i dont think its a brown cub. These are the only two pics I got that show anything. I set my camera farther back than normal this year and I think thats why I got such lousy pics. I moved it closer today will see if that helps. Who knows? its fun to try and guess. Curious to see what you all think.

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    I think you are right, there is a black and a brown working it.
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    A little image enhancement usually helps.

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    Since only 11 minutes passed between pics I'm inclined to think they are both the same bear...the brown. I believe he was laying by the barrel and his mass had it hidden as you can't even see it. But I could be wrong

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    Cool!!! thanks for the ehancement. terbear your probably right it is a smaller barrel though its a 30 gal.


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