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Thread: VisiCarbon Pro safety flag install

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    Default VisiCarbon Pro safety flag install

    Well after looking at a few pictures of this weekend and realizing how small I am out there in my low profile yak, I thought I better get a little more visibility. I had been using a spare fluorescent orange spare paddle but how dorky is that? lol. Besides it never stayed in place.

    So I ordered the flag and they immediately shipped it. In fact I got a call from them at 6am answering a few questions I emailed to them. So no problem with the response time!

    I ordered the Scottie mount and it was a quick 15 minute install. Drill a hole 1/8 inch smaller than what it says. Push it through so its basically already watertight. Rivet it in. Done. I didn't even have to since I could have wedged it into one of my flush mount pre installed rod holders. But I wanted more height and further out of the way. But you could easily transfer it to a rental kayak for example.

    Looks great. Light seems plenty bright. I wish my other set of lights would come in. I can't wait to try this total set up at night!

    I asked them about a lengthening the pole and they were like "no problem". Great service great response time so far!

    Personally I think the flag could be bigger. Maybe I will velcro another lighter piece on to it.

    Will update after I take it out on the water!

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    Thats awesome!!!



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