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Thread: Valley Hooligan ???

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    Default Valley Hooligan ???

    I once launched my zodiac with a 35HP prop , from the Deshka landing and went a few miles to King fish, there was a camp area there, that is all that I can remember.

    Anyway, I'd like to take my 7 year old out to hooligan dip net and just see them...maybe camp out. Same boat same motor. I hear that Hooligan really pack in one of the rivers up there and I could launch from the Deshka landing. Anyone know anything about this? What river? where to launch? how many river miles? prop motor ok? etc? Thanks.
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    The freaking Su is packed with them. I have had them shooting out my jet unit when I had my North River. I can remember dipping my foot in off my swim boad and feeling so many of them slamming my foot. Took a big net I had for kings and dropped it in and it was packed. lots of them shooting out of the big gaps. Just wanted to see it. I used to bear hunt down the Su just past the Yentna and there were just loads and loads. Camped all over the sides of the river when hunting
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    Both the Su and the yentna rivers have a pretty good hooligan run... but it usually comes about the end of May.. Large numbers of seagulls and Eagles on the sand bars is a big tip off...

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    You can get to the hooligan with your prop BUT you should follow someone down IF they are going to run in the channel...Two spots youll have to be careful of...


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