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    Every year I threaten to make an April or early May trip to Seward to catch herring for the season, for fun and also to make sure I get good bait for the year. I never really get that good of an answer on how or where to get them for sure though. Anyone know if/when they are "in" down there, and the easiest way to catch a lot of them?
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    i'm not sure if they are there or not, but when the herring are in harbor we would see them and cast into the school of them with a sabiki rig. a good way to load up on bait early. a call to the fish house might give some answers.

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    do a search on this subject; been discussed often before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Jim View Post
    do a search on this subject; been discussed often before.
    Thanks for the suggestion, but I know it's been discussed in the past, by me. I have followed and read and asked about it for about five years on this forum, but never got the answers I was hoping for. I suppose it's not like SE AK with the huge spawn and people throwing cast nets for them. Just thought I'd throw it out in case anyone had gone out THIS year.
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    Get with me if you get to Seward and if im home I will show you how its done. I havnt bought a bait fish for 15 years. PM me before you come down to be sure I will be home. After May is the best.


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