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Thread: Room for two (maybe)

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    Default Room for two (maybe)

    Heading out for a PWS muzzleloader hunt May 10-17, might have room for two hunters due to a couple guys bailing out on the trip due to work. Friends hunt, share expenses. Moderate drinking ok. No drunks, no drugs. Send a pm if you might be interested. This is a fun hunt I do every year and this is the first time I (might) have openings. Bring your fishing poles and a king stamp. Not a charter or outfitter/guide. Go at your own risk.

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    Nice man! I can't make it, have a new muzzleloader I have not even cleaned up yet. Just wanted to let you know it is very nice of you to offer this. I used to also when I had my boat. Awesome out there and good time to be had. Good on ya!

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    Default Great guy

    I had the privilege to go out with Seinerman a few years back after a hunt with my normal “hunting buddies” fell through at the last moment. I spent 7 or 8 days out with him on his boat with other hunters that I did not know at that time (there were 4 on that trip and none of us had meet before) and it has become one of my most memorable trips. I just wanted to throw this out there, it is not very often that one gets a chance to spend that kind of time in PWS on a great boat with a good person and great hunter!!, and It is becoming very rare that hunters like Seinerman help out other hunters. I would love to be able to go on this trip but I have to work. If you can don’t miss this chance too hunt with a great guy in one of the best places.

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    Thanks for the vote of confidence, lasthillbilly. That was a fun trip. We covered a lot of ground on that one. If I remember right, everybody got at least one deer and you got a brown bear. Did you ever get the rug back?

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    BTW, I was on the boat yesterday and the trip filled up pretty quick. Word got out here in town that there was a couple of openings on the boat and we had a lottery (j/k). Thanks to everyone who responded. Good luck to everyone going out this spring. Be safe. I got two reports from boats coming in, no bears taken, one spotted up high. One boat was hunting brown bears (I drew Afognak '12 spring with akshootnscoot, so we are staying away from the browns this spring). No halibut caught and shrimping was so/so.

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    Thanks for posting up the offer on here Seinerman that is a great opportunity for guys and gals that do not have a boat available!

    Good luck to all of you on your hunt!

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    Glad to do it. The first time I threw a hunt out there on the forums, I was kind of nervous about it. I worried for nothing. I met some great guys and had a great time. If I can talk my wife into retiring, I'll have a full time hunting partner and I won't have to worry about filling the boat!

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    Yes, good luck and let us know how you do. If the one report that the bear was up high, is the snow already gone there? Sure you will have fun and shoot some bears and catch some fish.


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    Yes I did get the Brown Bear rug back and it sits in the center of my living room, not because it’s the biggest rug I have but it brings back good memories. I wish you and all on your boat a great trip and the best of luck.

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    Nice. I would like to see a picture of the rug - it sure had a nice coat. We did a two day fishing trip/scouting expedition for next week this past weekend with some friends from WA, the bears are out and the fish are biting. I'm getting exited to make some black smoke! I'll post up the results when we get back (hopefully with some video).

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    Heading for the tunnel. According to this I don't expect much competition until Saturday. Good luck to everyone going out this week and be safe.

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    Good luck to you also. Heading out to Goose Bay on Monday. Cannot wait now. This trip has been in the making since 2008 after my caribou hunt that year


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