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    akray and others, just got a 15 x3 osagion square back. transom height 15inch. looking at the scavenger motor 5.5 hp tecumseh engine or the 7hp kohler. 67 or 70 lbs. is the 7 to much is the 5 to little? canoe is rated for a 5hp . some deep water running. mostly shallow swamp.
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    I don't run canoes with motors so my advise might not be best. The scavengers have a lot of push power due to their auger prop so you get a lot of thrust even from a small hp motor. I would think there would not be much speed difference between the 7 and the 5 just weight and thrust.

    Up in the canoe forum there is a poster with a lot of long tail on canoe experience with a recent thread from this weekend.


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