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    Default Question of curiosity...

    Hey all! I have a question out of curiosity. I have never had the chance to go crabbing or shrimping but I am suppose to be going here soon. Since I have planned this trip I have been "researching" the different concepts and such.

    To make a long post short...

    After all of my research I have not found any information that tells how commercial fishermen harvest shrimp, prawns, crabs, or anything. Obviously I have not been around the coastal (or fishing industry) but what is the difference in there tactics?

    Thank you for reading and I apologize for dragging my post out but I felt some of my knowledge would help my question get answered. Any useful information, or resources, would be wonderful...

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    There are a whole lot of resources for you RIGHT HERE. Good stuff on a lot more than you're asking about, too.


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