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Thread: Upper Chena Water Conditions

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    Default Upper Chena Water Conditions


    Here's some pics of what the water looks like at 53 mile...some friends went hiking yesterday at Angel Rocks and sent some photos. Don't know how it looks down lower where the Grayling will emerge first - probably a bit early, but soon. Sure would be interested to see some reports or better yet, some photos of caught fish! Please post and let me live vicariously thru your pics, lol... Good luck ya'll
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    Yep it is pretty much open everywhere with some ice spots mostly the packed areas where snow machines rode all winter and some ice clinging to the edges and well shaded bends of the river. Wont be too long before the grayling head back that way.

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    That's good info! Based on what I'm seeing around Fairbanks, I figured it was still ice most of the way up. Time to finally break out the 4-weight and associated gear!


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